Saturday, February 06, 2010

Random Thoughts - The World As I See It

I once learned that every person or event that crosses my path during my lifetime is an angel sent to teach me a particular lesson of life. In the same light as our inner consciousness creates the external reality around us, we manifest such angels into our lives in accordance with what lessons we need to learn. These angels, in one way or another, serve as mirrors that reflect to us an aspect of ourselves which needs healing and empowerment. Thereafter, even as these angels leave us, the experiences they leave behind coalesce into wisdom which will stay with us forever.

P.S. The above paragraph is an excerpt from a reply to Lena's article in Healing Insights of the same title in her newsletter sent on Feb 4th 2010:

This article came at the most timely manner to remind me of what I had already known but had momentarily forgotten. Through Lena's view of the world as she sees it, she has re-opened my eyes to the view of the world that I used to see. However, what resonates most deeply with me is this:
"On the contrary, I think that despite everything that has happened in our lives that may make us feel less positive about the world, deep deep deep within us we know that none of these negative stuff is true. That in that place inside you, there is a list that you have which would be very similar to mine."

Feb 4th represents the first day (立春) after the actual turn of year from 2009 to 2010 based on the chinese solar calendar. Perhaps this might be the most excellent time to re-acquaint yourself with that place inside of you, that place where you have kept that list safe all these while, but had momentarily forgotten..

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