Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Thoughts - The Dark Night of the Soul

For whatever that is happening in our lives at the moment, there may be points in time during which when we enter into periods of crisis in our life. These times are reflected back to us by the Sixth Essene Mirror as our Quest for Darkness and these are the times which the ancients refer to as the “Dark Night of the Soul”. During the Dark Night of the Soul, we will be faced with what for us appear to be the greatest challenges or fears we have ever faced in our lives.

The Essene literature says that it is impossible for us to create for ourselves and to draw into our lives the situations and circumstances that provide us with the Dark Night of the Soul until we have already fully gathered upon ourselves all the necessary tools that will carry us gracefully through these experiences. When we experience life through our relationships with people and events in the world, we develop the arsenal and array of tools within us, and it is in the amassing of these tools and not until we have fully assimilated those tools into ourselves that we bring forth the Dark Night of the Soul. It is in the assimilation that triggers the Universe to bring upon ourselves the Dark Night of the Soul, not as tests for us to pass or fail in, but opportunities for us to demonstrate our mastery over our greatest challenges or fears. These experience is not possible until we know that we have everything that we need for us to move gracefully through those times. The Universe never puts more on our plates than we can deal with, and with free will, we always have a choice in every such experience to greet it as a powerful manifesting God or as a victim.

P.S. We live in an cause and effect world known as the “Plane of Demonstration” where we actively manifest into our lives people and events in accordance with what our consciousness believe to be necessary for progress of the whole. In other words, our collective consciousness participates in the creation of the reality around us. The Seven Essene Mirrors of Personal Relationship is a way by which we seek to understand how this process works. With these Mirrors, we can use what seem to be negative experiences as stepping-stones for us all to move towards greater healing and empowerment.

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