Sunday, August 14, 2011


(By Dr. Chuck Spezzano)

Acceptance heals hurt. It heals the resistance that causes or exacerbates the pain. When you accept, it allows you to move forward in the flow, because what you accept, you naturally let go of.


fran said...

I learned this lately. As you get older, it seems easier to do. I enjoyed reading some of your posts.
(don't think the feed works though) I've put a link to you from my website.

fran said...

sorry...I didn't leave my website...just in case you're interested.

Clairsentience said...

Thanks Fran for your comments and support! I am always interested in learning from folks who are willing to share their insights with me. It is only through the amalgamation of different point of views where my perspective can become more holistic.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to accept the death of my husband but even just as it seems that I may actually be okay, the waves crash over me again. My logical mnd knows I must accept but my emotions won't. I'm sure I'll get there but not for a long time.

Clairsentience said...

Dear Heather,
I am truly sorry for your loss and I dare not say that I understand even in the least the extent of pain and hurt that you are currently going through.
But what I do know is that any experience in our lives, no matter how adverse, would never be possible until we "know" that we have everything that we need in order for us to move gracefully through those times. I believe that the Universe, or God if preferred, never puts more on our plates than what we can deal with. And in that sense, yes, I agree that you will get there someday.
I apologise that I am not very good with my words in this regard. But I had previously written a post within the vicinity of this topic. I hope it may provide you with some comfort and solace for the moment. It is entitles "Dark Night of the Soul". Namaste!