Saturday, March 19, 2011

How the earthquake changed our brains (and how we think)

(By Norma Gentile)
- Reproduced from Norma Gentile's original newsletter: First published on 16 March 2011 at

It wasn't just an Earthquake. Nor was it just a tsunami. Nor is it even the ongoing nuclear meltdowns. The electromagnetic field of the planet shifted. It happened in the hours just before the Earthquake and for several hours after the Earthquake. And because of that, our brains and the way we think have changed.

What does that mean?

Simply put; you can't think the same thoughts this week that you thought last week. The physical shift of the Earth made more concrete within our own bodies whatever change was necessary so that our thought patterns will not regress. That is a gift to all of humanity from those now enduring hardship and loss in Japan.

There are thoughts that are very hard for us to entertain now, after the quake. These same thoughts were ones we considered normal to have before the quake. There is a deeper quality of compassion and less judgment. A deeper reflection and stillness that we either yearn for or are taking steps to find and cultivate now. Our brain's function has shifted. We have lost some of our memory. The kind of memory that tells our computer where we were the last time we opened a web browser. We can no longer access it. There is no going back. We are not who we were.

The electromagnetic field that surrounds the Earth is both generated by the Earth as well as all the living beings who are present upon and within the Earth. As my definition of living beings I'm including plants, animals, minerals and all that humanity has created. Including nuclear power plants. These power plants emit electromagnetic fields. To a lesser extent the electrical lines in my backyard that bring electricity into my house, along with my phone lines and even cable TV lines, also generate small electromagnetic fields. As a result, the larger EM field of the planet is impacted by these smaller EM fields.

My guides were suggesting I think of this like acupuncture. If the planet is the body of the patient, then the planetary electromagnetic field is the energetic body of the patient. The nuclear reactors are needles being inserted into the patient's body; in this case the Earth. If someone randomly inserts needles into someone's body, chances are they won't hit any major acupuncture points, or hit enough minor points that relate to each other in a way to disturb the flow of energy in any given meridian. Any disruption in the meridians or chi of the patient that does occur due to needles being inserted randomly the patient's own body will restore within a few hours or days, once the needles are removed.

In the case of our planet, the nuclear reactors and similarly large producers of electromagnetic fields have been plunked down upon the planet. But they are not spread out evenly. They are clustered into certain regions and in lines up and down the coasts of Japan and the east coast of the US. Where the reactors exist in these lines, it is possible that they are forming secondary energy meridians, with each reactor functioning as a potent nodal point. These secondary energy meridians exist alongside the natural energy meridians of the Earth. Where they are clustered, they are creating secondary nodal points.

My wondering goes perhaps a bit differently here than what you might expect. I wonder if Earth's energies and Gaia's consciousness feels these secondary meridians and might be incorporating them to catapult the change in human consciousness? That is to say, what humanity has built is not wrong. It is being used in a manner we didn't anticipate to help us spring more quickly into a new way of viewing and interacting with our Earth. And we may not find this comfortable. Perhaps this discomfort will motivate us to seek within ourselves that still center point. Or plant a garden. Or call a dear friend.

At about the same moment the Earth shrugged her shoulder under the island of Japan, my own body sighed deeply. Months of a tension which had slowly built up inside of my core released as I turned from my computer screen to reach some papers behind me. It was an emotional energy and a sigh and a question mark, all pulsing up and out and into the space around me.

It was also a surprise. Before I gathered my thoughts, the energy had gone from the room. And the uneasiness I had been feeling inside of my body was gone. Completely. It was not mine. It had grown so slowly that I had not even thought to ask the tension if it was mine. Like most of us who feel things going on inside of us, I assumed that the sensation was mine. But it wasn't. It was the Earth's.

Our bodies are resonant to the physical Earth. Although we may have blocked it, we have the ability to be telepathic with the Earth. Many people find it easier to be telepathic in their emotions. They know they are resonant with the grief, fear and pain they see on the television. Others are now resonant with the Earth, as she builds up tension and then releases it. Just as we are on a journey, so is Gaia, whose body is the physical Earth.

N.B. Norma Gentile, a soprano as well as a Sound Sharman, is also a recording artist of four solo musical CDs, 10 Meditation and Teaching CDs, an energy healer and channeler. She receives information for individuals in healing sessions, and written transmissions from Archangel Michael, Mary and Thoth which she shares in her news-lettters and articles. As a singer of healing music, she works with the Hathors and Hildegard. Her works can be found at the following site: At the site, you will be able to hear as background music "Three Beauties Create Sacred Space" from Norma's latest album "Songs of Spirit".


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