Sunday, July 25, 2010

Healing with Gratitude

(By Norma Gentile)

It is very hard to project Gratitude or send Gratitude. When you are in a state of feeling Gratitude, it is simply a way of being. Part of that state of Gratitude is not projecting your own or any other energies outwardly, but rather feeling your own world inwardly.

It very difficult to give away or force upon someone the energy of Gratitude. The true sensation of Gratitude brings you to rest. It brings you into your body, and so into the center of your world.

Having Gratitude for something or someone requires that you first be in relationship to yourself. When we are more deeply in relationship to ourselves we are much less apt to try to extinguish what we perceive as external fires with our own personal energies.

Within a state of Gratitude, we are more able to sustain neutrality towards the buffeting winds of change and the incessant demands of external voices for our attention. And within our personal state of Gratitude, the simple solutions provided by the consciousnesses with whom we share our world become more audible to us. Problem solving becomes a group process, not an individual undertaking.

We see the larger picture provided by Spirit only when we cease focusing solely on the problem.

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