Saturday, September 12, 2009

When Anubis talks, Men bark - Compensation & Karma

(By Dimitri Halley)

In life, there’s always an opposite force called forth to confront us when we are too one-sided. The mechanism in depth psychology is the western version of what the East is called Karma, a natural process aimed at establishing or maintaining balance with the psyche. Yet given that the mind can affect the physical, we have found that this compensatory force also operates in our own bodies.

The conscious mind is selective. It excludes everything that threatens its image of itself. This makes the conscious self-orientation one-sided. The contents that are excluded and inhibited sink into the unconscious, where they form a counterweight to the conscious orientation. The strengthening of this counter-position keeps pace with the increase of conscious one-sidedness until finally the shadow can split off and return in physical or psychological form to terrorise the dominant side in the self. The repressed unconscious contents break through in the form of dreams and spontaneous images in order to compensate and balancing the conscious lopsided conscious orientation.

The aim of this compensation of the demon within is to boycott the deceiver in us and vice versa.

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