Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Random Thoughts - Columbus' Clippers

The premise demonstrated in this article is that we can only perceive what we believe is possible. In other words, our eyes cannot perceive what we don’t believe is possible even if it is just right there in front of us.

According to Dr. Candace Pert in “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, when Columbus first reached the Caribbean Islands, she narrated that the Native American Indians on the islands just couldn't understand from where Columbus and his crew came. When Columbus pointed at his clippers, or ships at that day and age, which were some distance off the coastline, the Natives could nothing but the endless Atlantic Ocean. This was even though these vessels were just sitting on the horizon in plain sight. This was because clippers as a concept were just beyond the Natives' comprehension and imagination. As a result, the clippers were "invisible" to the Native American Indians since their minds cannot even begin to construct the concept of seafaring vessels capable of crossing vast stretches of ocean.

The Sharman, on the other hand, noticed unusual ripples or wave forms, which were generated by the clippers docked offshore, hitting the shorelines since Columbus' arrival. He was determined to find out what caused them. And for several days, he stood by the coast staring out into the ocean, squinting his eyes to try seeing exactly what he was not seeining. Finally, the shapes of clippers materialized and he was at that instant able to see the clippers. Thereafter, as soon as he told his fellow Indians, they too could immediately begin to see the clippers simply because they believed the Sharman.

P.S. How many times in our lives did we not see something simply because we did not believe that it was possible?

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