Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ciak Products

I have known Ciak as a brand for some time now and have always wanted to own a Ciak sketch book, notebook or journal. I have just bought a bright yellow CIAK (pronounced as "Chack") large (21cmx15cm) sketch book. And I have to say I am more than pleased to have made this purchase.

All Ciak products are handmade in Florence, Italy. Its covers, which come in a wide multitude of bright coloured choices, are made from smooth and soft Italian bonded water-resistant leather, thereby ensuring that it is firm but yet flexible. I prefer this texture to even the Moleskine line of notebooks.

A distintive feature of this product is its patented horizontal elastic band, whose major advantage is that I can securely fastened a pen to the sides of the notebook without fear of loss or damage. As for my preferred choice of pen is the fountain pen, and I am pleased to say that its 140 pages of permanently bound, plain ivory coloured paper is extremely friendly fountain pen ink.

I highly recommend this product to any individual who enjoys having a trusty and colourful sketching / writing companion to document all the sights and sounds of his journey through life.

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