Saturday, July 03, 2004






N.B. 昔日的茅芦中虽然地方窄人数少,可是兄弟们都同心协力,携手合作,为了的只是雄心壮志理想,光明未来.今日的豪宅中虽然地方宽人数多,可是兄弟们却勾心斗角,互相残杀,为了的只是个人利益,势力巩固.

N.B. As a follow-on to the above, it is also worthwhile to mention that the Nightcrawler Lucien Lacroix has also once said that nature does not tolerate excesses. If you have too much of something, there will always be someone wanting to take that something away from you. So perhaps you should ask yourself, have your excesses been a blessing or a curse? Please kindly refer to my previous post "CERK Radio 40Mhz - Blood Money" for the exact quotation.

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